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PC Pops, Monday, August 5


PC Pops Concert 2013 is history!

Our Second Plain City Pops Concert is now history!  I hope that all of you felt as happy and satisfied as I did when it was done.  All of the people that I've talked to insisted that it was a better concert this year than last.  The music was impressive.  One person who stepped out of her car just as we hit the first notes of "Stars and Stripes Forever" was sure that it was a recording.  That's a really nice comment, all things considered.

And the "all things" include 
  • a fairly short practice schedule (13 practices if everyone attended every practice, and we knew that would be impossible, given everyone's busy summer schedules
  • performing outdoors, without the benefit of concert hall acoustics
  • a conductor who what hanging on with his teeth to try to do a good job for you
  • musicians with all levels of experience--that's a feature, and part of the plan, by the way
  • August heat!
What a pleasure it was to work again with the returning members from our 2012, first-ever PC Pops.  And I was delighted to get to know the new members who joined us this year.  I heard quite a few comments about the fullness and balance of our sound.  Not bad for a purely volunteer group with such a casual organization.

Kristie Moss will have some photos that you can view here.  I wish that we had more photos from that first year.

Here's a page where you can share your reactions to this year's experience and your thoughts about how to make it even better next year.  I was relieved when the last note was played.  When I went home that night I remembered what simple relaxation was like.  It was so nice to just sit, and sit, and not think.  Ahh!

But by the next morning, I found myself making plans for next year.  My first goal is to make sure that we advertise better so that we have a bigger audience.  I had a couple of people counting, and both came up with about 300.  The field could seat a lot more people!

What are your ideas for making next year's PC Pops better?

Thanks for all the good times we had preparing this concert and playing it!