Ready to start another (short) season!

There was 2012, and there was 2013, and there was 2014.  Those were all great years.  Wonderful concerts and wonderful people, and wonderful memories.

But this is 2015, and we're going to have another terrific concert.

We have several things to do before our first rehearsal:
  1. Line up our membership.  I hope that all who have played with us before can return. And we're looking forward to meeting new members who want to play some great music over a short summer season. Leave your name on the Musicians Needed page.
  2. Choose this year's program.  Yep--you can help pick the music that we'll be performing.  Share your ideas!
  3. Find some volunteers who can help us make this the most fun concert yet. People with ideas to make it better than ever. Like advertising and someone to take photos (see the photos of previous years in the Gallery).
Spread the word.