PC Pops 2014 rehearsals have started!

Our Second Plain City Pops Concert is now history and our Third is in the works.  We've already begun practices, but if you haven't joined us yet, we're hoping to see you soon.  We can still use more of virtually all orchestral instruments.  If you'd like to contact us before you come to a rehearsal, you can email ayorgason@gmail.com or text or call 801 388 1796.  Or you can just come to the next rehearsal, pick up your music and join with us immediately.

Practices are on Thursday evenings (6:30 to 8:30) and Saturday mornings (10-noon).  We'll be running them until the time of the concert, which is Monday, August 4.  (The first Monday in August has been our concert date since we started 3 years ago.)  All rehearsals are at the Meadows LDS Ward building in Plain City.  That's 2280 N 3600 West in Plain City.  It's right across the street from the new Plain City Elementary School.

When you come to the rehearsals, look for us in the Relief Society room, at the back of the building.  You can enter by the doors on the East side of the building.  Be sure to bring your own music stand.

We have several new pieces this year that you're sure to enjoy playing.  They are:
Leroy Anderson Favorites (Syncopated Clock, Plink Plank Plunk, Sleigh Ride, Blue Tango, Serenata)
A Whole Lot of Symphony Themes (this should be interesting)
Symphonic Dances from Fiddler on the Roof (challenging, but exciting)
Jupiter, Bringer of Jolity (Gustav Holst, The Planets)
Take Five (a great Jazz standard by Paul Desmond in 5/4 meter)
Love is Here to Stay (one of George Gershwin's best)

I'm looking forward to some great practice sessions and a wonderful performance in the Plain City Town Square on August 4.  And I know that we have many Plain City-ites (and others who just barely know where Plain City is) who are looking forward to it, too.