Ready to start another (short) season!

There was 2012, and there was 2013, and there was 2014.  Those were all great years.  Wonderful concerts and wonderful people, and wonderful memories.

But this is 2015, and we're going to have another terrific concert.

We have several things to do before our first rehearsal:
  1. Line up our membership.  I wish that all who have played with us before could return, but we know of a few already whose situations this year have changed. But we're looking forward to meeting new members who want to play some great music over a short summer season. Leave your name on the Musicians Needed page.
  2. Make note of our practice schedule.  It's been harder than ever to arrange for practice places, so our practice schedule is shortened a little.  Thursdays nights were almost impossible to arrange anywhere we tried, so we're moving to a Wednesday night and Saturday morning practice schedule.  If Wednesdays are a problem, please plan to join us on Saturday's anyway.  And there are some blocked out times beside that: We'll miss a couple of Saturdays and a couple of Wednesdays between now and August 3, when we perform.  See the calendar page for specifics.
  3. Get your music.  I have the music now, and you can pick up your part if you'd like to have it before you come to your first rehearsal.  Email me ( or text me (801-388-1796) to arrange a pickup time.  I'll be at the Plain City Senior Center Wednesday, June 10, from 7-8:30 to hand out music, to discuss our schedule, and just talk with any that can come.
  4. Look over the program for the concert. Here are the pieces that I've got for this year's concert.  
  5. Find some volunteers who can help us make this the most fun concert yet. People with ideas to make it better than ever. Like advertising and someone to take photos (see the photos of previous events in the Gallery).
And finally, and very importantly:
  • Spread the word to friends and family. We'd like to include more players than ever before. Every part is important, but especially keep a lookout for an oboist, bassoonists, French Horns, Trumpets, a Tuba, more percussionists.  The more strings, the better, of course. Did I mention trombones and clarinets, flutes?  Every player helps. In the Bacchanale, we even have written parts for Alto and Tenor Sax.